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Trip to MOMS Manchester New Hampshire

So this weekend I decided to take a little trip to an Indian Motorcycle Dealership to see what I was getting into with racing King of the Baggers this season. My Dad found this awesome dealership in Manchester, New Hampshire which is like a quick 30 minute drive from the house.

MOMS Manchester is an authorized Indian dealership, along with my favorite bike brand Yamaha. They have been around since before 2002 and started out by selling pre-owned motorcycles. By 2005 They grew rapidly and started to sell new motorcycles as well. MOMS Manchester remains family owned and operated for over 41 years. They pride themselves on their customer service and satisfaction.

On Sunday morning Dad told me it would be a good idea to go and check them out and take a look at the Indian Challenger while we were eating breakfast. We cleaned our mess and headed out to go see what our future holds. Thank goodness the weather was 40 degrees with no rain sleet or snow in the forecast. With the weather so nice we got to take my mom's Mustang. Pretty normal drive nothing crazy getting time to spend with my Dad.

When we arrived at MOMS my first impression was DANG!!! this place is massive it's as big as a Buc-EES. We walked and met some of the friendly staff and sharing what our plans were with this years race season and us being local teaming up with MOMS would be perfect. So as we were talking, out of the corner of my eye, there she was the Indian Challenger in all its stock beauty form. As I looked at the bike it seemed as if there was a single spot light shining down on it. I felt like at that moment the bike was calling for me to come check her out.

I walked over and looked her up and down and all over. Even though that bike wasn't yellow it still looked good in its blue paint form. Good thing I decided to wear my Blu Cru Yamaha Jacket so I somewhat matched for just that moment. When I first swung my leg over the bike I thought to myself MAN!!! this thing is huge. I was told to push the bike out so I could get a picture on it and it was SOOO HEAVY!!! I know that the bike in race ready form is 650lbs which is double the weight of my Yamaha R1.

After Sunday's trip to MOMS, and with how heavy the bike is, I definitely have to do some more working out to be able to wrestle this thing around the track. However, I am so excited to see what this bike can do as I rip it around at each round of the MotoAmerica's King of the Baggers season.


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