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Trip to Jennings GP

Finally, the opportunity to get some much needed track time! I left on Thursday, heading for sunny Florida and Jennings GP . I was looking forward to putting down some laps, with the added bonus of coaching future racers. With a fresh DOT inspection pass in hand for the truck I set off. It'd been a while since I drove the marvelous Moly mobile. It wasn't until I hit a rain storm that I found out I'd lost a windshield wiper! Thank goodness for truck stops! The last hour was tough! Caffeine, head out of the window and banging tunes carried me through to my first stop with our electronics guru Russ. Thanks for taking on extra duties, painting our new bodywork that signature shade of yellow that everyone knows and loves!

I left Russ's and headed for Atlanta to drop off the R6 engine with Living Good Motorsports They're going to refresh a Daytona 200 ready bike for the Loudoun Classic in June. More on that to come. Gotta love Walmart to get my weekend supply of snacks and goodies. Heading down south means I get to eat at my favorite, Raising Cain's Chicken restaurant. I plugged it in to the GPS and followed the directions, dreaming of the delicious treat waiting for me at the end! Imagine my disappointment as I pulled up to Raising Cain's a cleverly named farm that grew sugar cane. Not a chicken finger in sight! What a let down! I continued on to Jennings and set up for the night, dreaming of Cain's sauce, chicken fingers and Texas toast.

Saturday I got up and went to meet the class for coaching, with the main man at Legacytrackdayz, CJ Cohen. We discussed all the fundamentals of racing for example, set up, body position, safety, passing, and predictability. There were 15 people ready and eager to hit the track. Coaching went well all day, and I was able to see all the different styles of riders. The main objective was to get the students their racing licenses. It felt so good to be back on the track! It was good to see one of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup riders out there putting some preseason laps in. CJ thought it would be fun for me to retake the race license test, just to make sure I still made the cut! I am proud to report that I passed with flying colors and got my certificate again.

Sunday was overcast. I made great use of some old R1 tires. Only 3 used today . Did you know, R1 tires will fit on an R6 but you lose some agility. Had a good time blowing the cobwebs off! After drifting the entire track, I decided to call it a day. Didn't want to spend any more money on another tire. It was a successful end to the weekend with everyone passing and getting their certificates. Congratulations to everyone who earned their credentials and are now ready to race in any series. Thanks to the guys who let me join them to watch MotoGP . Great race but Marquez taking the inside line wrecking out Oliveira, and almost taking out Jorge Martin was not cool!

After a great weekend, I headed out to Clearwater Florida to catch up with some friends. A little time to relax and get ready for the start of the season.


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