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Max Flinders 2022 MotoAmerica Review

Even though we are in a new and exciting year gearing up for the MotoAmerica 2023 race season, lets not forget what our 2022 race season brought us. I guess we can start with last year as I was finishing up with a track day practice weekend at Barber Motorsports Park there were some technical issues with our truck that occurred. These issues rose concern because we could have missed our first race of the season at COTA (Circuits of the Americas) in Austin Texas.

The feeling that you get when it doesn't seem anything is going your way and you are stranded in Alabama, on a tight time schedule and parts to get the truck fixed are delayed what is one to do. That is when your life line steps up to the plate. He shows up in is tiny Mazda CX-5 with a 5'x8' open yard trailer to load up your entire race program on to get you to Austin Texas just in time.

Throughout 2022 just like any other race team there are ups and downs, its just how you handle both situations. We had some issues with the bike, but we worked through them allowing us to be a top 15 contender every round. I ran at least a second faster then my times the following year which showed great promise.

As the season came to an end we started to prepare for the 2023 MotoAmerica race season with a few upgrades. Along with bike preparations we also worked on securing more sponsorship. The most exciting news at the beginning of 2023, I received a phone call from Mad Monkey Motorsports asking if I would like to race their Indian Challenger in the King of the Bagger Class, right along with my Superbike Class.

Looking forward to an exciting season and can't wait to see all my fans.


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